New Year’s Resolutions

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Let’s Talk New Year’s Resolutions

As we wrap up January and head into February, winter can continue affect us significantly in terms of our mental and physical health. We are in the heart of winter during the months of January and February – which can create road blocks for creating and maintaining momentum, towards our self-prescribed New Year’s resolutions. After the holidays, we shift our attention on the new year by reflecting on our accomplishments, our challenges, and our hopes. Moving into the New Year we feel inspired, motivated, and ready for change. 

For many of us, especially those in the Midwest, January is dreary, cold, and exhausting and it can feel never ending. We tend to lose our momentum to accomplish or keep up our New Year’s Resolutions. This feeling is valid and real for so many people in the U.S. So… how are those New Year’s resolutions going now, as we close out this too long of a month?

It’s okay if you’re reflecting now and thinking, “Dang, I gave up after the first couple of weeks,” or “I’m still struggling to implement my resolutions into my life and mindset.” You may be reflecting and thinking “I have been doing great, really seeing change!” That statement is amazing, but how do we keep that momentum going for weeks, months, and even the rest of the year as we continue to deal with life?

Creating Momentum

So many people have been saying for decades, “we need to create motivation”, to accomplish things. However, creating motivation can be incredibly difficult and non-tangible to most people, especially those struggling with mental health issues. For some people, being motivated to do things, complete tasks, or create change, is easy or doable. For others, “motivation” can feel almost impossible to create on their own.

With a simple change in language, we create an entire mindset shift. Instead of finding or creating motivation, let’s change “motivation” to “MOMENTUM”! We can create momentum in our lives to accomplish tasks; and even achieve those sometimes-daunting resolutions we set at the beginning of January. 

A momentum mindset is fun to visualize, so I want you to think of and picture a small snowball rolling down a hill. As this small snowball rolls down this snowy hill, it’s collecting more snow, it’s picking up speed and momentum as it’s growing in size. By the time it reaches the bottom of that hill, it’s become a big snowy sphere that can be utilized as the foundation of our beautiful, strong, snowman.

By starting, with one small task, one small change, we eventually pick up speed and momentum to create huge changes in our lives. For instance, we decide to put our dirty clothes in our hamper, instead of leaving it on that “one chair” in our room, or on the floor we begin to find relief from the chaos. As we find some relief, it gives us some encouragement, some momentum to collect and throw out the garbage we’ve compiled in our room. Each of these small step leads to another providing relief and comfort that change is possible. Until, we’re in this constant motion allowing us to create a safe and health environment for ourselves.  One decision, one small action created this momentum to clean up our entire space and complete our laundry providing us the relief that we were seeking. 

Another example of creating momentum is deciding to create a budget because the debt we’ve accumulated is overwhelming. Of course, our goal is to be debt-free, however, we have to start by small, realistic, and attainable goals for ourselves. Creating a budget, figuring out which credit card to pay off first, and putting down that first payment starts that momentum toward our large goal of paying off debt completely.

Mindset and radical acceptance

Our mindset is in our control; we do have the capabilities to create momentum and change. How we talk to ourselves, our behaviors, and how we view ourselves can be within our control with the right support and resources. Sometimes we have to accept that we are limited and how our society is structured and run is not within our control. There are many barriers and obstacles to overcome, including mental health barriers. Let’s come together as a community, find resources and support to create momentum, and accomplish our New Year’s Resolutions.

Bridgeview would love to improve how we can better serve our communities and help people achieve their goals. We want to hear from our community.

“As members of our community, we would like you to join in an open discussion on how we may better serve you and the members of our community. Your feedback is important to us so that we may eliminate barriers and gaps in services.

Our meeting will be held at our office on Feb 23rd at 4 pm. Refreshments will be provided. RSVP required. RSVP to”

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